AIM NETWORK –  Our members, come from different areas of experience and expertise  and they have distinct but complementary professional roles.They also have a very different origin. Some of them, come from Greece and other Mediterranean countries and this peculiarity gives to our association a  multicultural profil. We aim to promote, with the use of latest technologies and knowledge, sensitivity and awareness towards the condition  of multiculturalism. One of the primary purposes of AIM NETWORK is to promote relations between the EU similar institutions and national institutions in order to provide a platform to exchange of information and experience in the fields of intercultural education.Our work at school environment focusing to avoid early school leaving and the risk of social exclusion for the children of migrant people and the sensitive members of the society.Our board members are in affiliation with other associations and cooperate together against every kind of stigmatisation and exclusion

Under the coordination of our vice president, Dr. Maria Cristina Turola and in cooperation with three European partners we have conducted a scientifique research on the quality of the life in four European countries. We are very proud on it and we are going to publish it on an American sociology journal HEARTS QoL Considerations