POSTER HEARTS by AIMNETWORK The HEARTS project is a Grundtvig Partnership, Project Lifelong Learning Programme co-financed by European Commission.

The main subject is to promote the cultural diversity revaluing the heritage from partner, focused at affectivity and solidarity traditions, to empower persons and communities identity and enhance their social inclusion and development.

Main problems are seniors isolation, demotivation and low recognition as society enriching citizens, lack of learning opportunities supporting more active and creative live, namely to overcome the digital impairement and improve European belonging relationship; in the same time younger citizens will have a real chance to deep their own cultural identity and reinforce as well the European diversity belonging, improving traditions sapience skills, strenghthening  also their social inclusion pathways.

Participants selection aims to gather senior people from a range of backgrounds, to maximize groups and EU inter-groups diversity. This includes ensuring a gender balance; age balance (up from 50 years old), belonging to social groups at exclusion risk in majority, wiliness to learn, change life style and social commitment; also the selection of sharing group takes in account proximity, peers learning, motivation to improve social and heritage related competencies, positive interaction with seniors and intercultural groups.
In order to meet the requests of the project, the partnership, made of four countries,undertook a research on the quality of the life,the dreams and the expectations of the youngest from 18 and the elderly over 50 years old HEARTS – POSTER Quality of life in 4 countries BY AIMNETWORK. All work was supervised as well as the results’ elaboration by Dr. M.C.Turola from AIM NETWORK.The results of this research are available in this site.
General questionnaires report


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